Finally independent: our very own trailer

All aluminum: lightweight, easy to handle, nothing to rost

All aluminum: lightweight, easy to handle, nothing to rost

And yes, the lights work!

And yes, the lights work!

CHaOS is finally independent. With our very own trailer we can race and row wherever we want whenever we want.

Travel plans (come and join us):

  • Head of the Hooch 2017 (medal to defend)
  • Diamond States Regatta 2018 (medal to win - one is allowed to dream)
  • Canadian Henley 2018 (see where Tim grew up)
  • FISA World Masters Rowing Regatta in Sarasota (see whether Felix will panic again in the crosswinds ...)

A big "THANK YOU" to the all the sponsors who made this purchase possible!

Running out of slings: why that is good news

The last few weekends, there weren’t enough slings to accommodate all boats that launched.

For a club that is only two years old, launching seven singles, two doubles, a 4+ and a 4x at the same time is quite an achievement.

Of the boats, 3 were doing 5 k race pieces, 2 were training for the upcoming head races and the quad gave two trainees of Coach Claire their first experience of the real thing after spending hours and hours on her simulator. Every rower on the water focused on something he or she wanted to become better at.

How did we get to this point?

The President’s answer (instead of a review of CHaOS 2nd year):

Long time coming: lost a rower, found a miracle

6 months after her birth, Becka’s daughter Maya finally was allowed to leave the Intensive Care Unit and go home to a proud mother and father. After several return visits to the hospital the great news was: Maya drinks – 80 ML– by herself.  We all consider that a miracle.

Becka won’t be able to row with us for a while. We are holding a seat open for you – and promise there will be one in 15 years (or so) for Maya, too.

Valor games: they needed a certain amount of CHaOS

In June, our friend and supporter Ashley Thomas from BridgeIISport again organized the Valor Games.

Our cox Kate was in charge of the indoor rowing event. Nervous, she was, whether she would find enough volunteers to accomodate all the veterans who wanted to compete in rowing.

CHaOS did not let her down. Nine of our members helped the motivated and enthusiastic athletes succeed.

Thank you very much to all of you for contributing your time!!!

PS: As the foreigner and a stranger to all things military, I couldn’t help but noticing that a Jew, a Muslim, representatives of all Christian denominations, and a few atheists coming from Scotland, Australia, Switzerland, Turkey, New York and other strange places all joined to help US veterans of foreign wars. Utter CHaOS.

An almost accident

2 boats with 3 old men pushing the boundaries of the traffic pattern had an encounter on the lake. Oars were crossed. One rower went for a swim. Nobody got hurt. Only a small crack in the splash-board of one boat.

The incident was analyzed. Report filed.

The other good news: the number of scullers wearing PFDs more than doubled in the aftermath.

Safety first.

We are not done yet – but getting there

With the new 4+ we closed the last gap in our fleet (see separate post).

With the new trailer – our very own trailer – we gained the independence to go wherever we want whenever we want (see separate post).

Our rowers went to the World Master Regatta in Bled and won medals at the Master Nationals in Oak Ridge.

Let’s hope the next 12 months will be as successful and safe as the last 24!

PS: We ordered more slings.

Fans and bars - not necessarily related

Jordan Lake is a unique rowing venue.

Fans are free to demonstrate their affiliation - club colors not enforced.

Latest addition: after practice floating bar.

Come row with us!

Altitude training

Getting ready for the 10K piece

Getting ready for the 10K piece

For a native Swiss, Klöntalersee would not qualify as altitude training, at only 1'000 meters over sea level.

However, looking up from Jordan Lake (75 meters over sea level), the perspective is quite different, and the air cooler and thinner.

Had a good time as guest of Ruderclub Greifensee - whom we will face - by coincidence - in our men's D2x heat at the FISA World Masters. At least we already know what we will be up against.

Our boys did it: Bronze at Nataionals

Richard and Tim - 3d in Men's E 2x at Master Nationals 2017 in Oak Ridge

Richard and Tim - 3d in Men's E 2x at Master Nationals 2017 in Oak Ridge


Brief race report:

  • American Airlines let us down once more, Tim almost missing the race because of flight delays and cancellations - Richard to have to get up in the middle of the night to pick him up at airport
  • without a practice row, they came in 2nd in their heat - beating the nemesis by more than 20 seconds
  • In a tight Final, with a crab in the last meters, they missed 2nd place by 0.2 seconds (Tim not happy).

This was the last practice race before the Worlds in Bled. Happy to report that fade in the middle of the race has been eliminated, Tim can steer a straight course. They are ready. Rob and Felix just have to live up to that.


Making a difference by showing up to practice: 60 in size and age

Coach Claire coached an 8+ yesterday. What made this newsworthy is the variety 1n the boat

  • 60 years between the youngest rower Lucy (16) and the oldest rower Ken (76).
  • 60 centimeters (=2 feet) between the shortest rower Tracy and the longest rower Mike M (body size, not length of stroke).

Common wisdom would predict a miserable row. However, even our most critical rower Ken came off the water stating that it was one of the best rows he had with CHaOS.

Thank you Coach Claire for getting the difference row together.



Parents and Kids

Our cox/coach Kylie coined the vision of a club where parents and kids can row at the same time.

She says that it does not make sense that parents have to shuttle their aspiring young athletes to their youth team practice in the afternoon and then try to find an "adult" time slot in the evenings or early mornings for their own workout.

We have made a first step in that direction with 2 mothers bringing their daughters along. Next step would be to get enough teenagers to form their own boat.

We also have proud fathers. The daughter of our Aussie just won the Bavarian W8+ title with the Wurzburg composite crew (2 seat, second from right).

You should see him beam. Now he tries to do the same at the upcoming Master Nationals. A little family internal competition.

2017 Bavarian W8+ Champions with the daughter of our Aussie in 2 seat

2017 Bavarian W8+ Champions with the daughter of our Aussie in 2 seat

Open to all ages

The mission of CHaOS is to offer rowing to everybody: all genders, all ages, all races, all religions, sweep and sculling, from all over the world (and any other category you can think of).

Until today, we fell short on the "all ages" goal - being heavily skewed towards the 40+ range - with a peak in the 56 to 60 age bracket.

It all will change tomorrow when our first teenage member will be eager to be boated!


We will try hard to live up to her expectations.