Turkish metronome

The Turkish Metronome

In perfect conditions, we took a 13K excursion to what we hope will someday be the International Training and Competition Center for all non-motorized water sports on #JordanLake - details here

Hal was in stroke seat, the first time with a SpeedCoach. Amazing how he can hold a rate. It seems to be this thing about CEOs and achieving goals ...

Perfect winter row

Happy to have so much water in #Jordanlake - perfect day for long distance #row - 16K of perfect water (there would have been more). Glad to have #duke#rowing with us. Looking forward to #UNC#rowing with us, too.

Darren and Greg at #crokeroars should be happy - all but one set rowing on the lake were yours.

Carl: thank you for the great pictures and thank you for coming out with us.

CHaOS Agenda for 2018


First half of February: CHaOS social gathering – who wants to organize?

February 24 – 124C Erg Sprints at High Point Rowing Club. John to defend his title. Let’s hope CHaOS representatives look better than these World and Olympic champions: https://youtu.be/87gTc4JtOm4


Second half of March: CHaOS strategy meeting – who wants to organize? Define where we want to go as a club (growth?, age distribution of club members, learn to row, gender balance, relationship to juniors)  and decide what policies we need to establish (draft sexual harassment training video here https://youtu.be/bmzEkSc4SDQ )

March Scrimmage against Catawba rowing club in Charlotte – Tim to organize

=> Potential Alternative: March 31 Clemson Masters Sprints


Spring feelings (or do you have suggestions)


May 21-24 Valor games: last year CHaOS volunteers were instrumental for the indoor rowing competition to materialize. Please volunteer again!


Date to be determined: Virginia Boat Club Sprints Regatta


CHaOS Board Elections – please consider running – so that we can have one of these: https://youtu.be/kJVROcKFnBQ

July 21-22: 28th Diamond States Masters Regatta


August 5th Royal Canadian Henley Masters – Tim will be our tourist guide – having finished 2nd in the other Henley and being from the area


September 27 – 30: FISA World Masters Regatta in Sarasota Florida

September 29: High Point Autumn Rowing Festival


CHaOS Challenge – date to be confirmed

October 20-21: Head of the Charles


November 3-4: Head of the Hooch

CHaOS Annual meeting – who hosts?

Where did all the water go?

January 2nd 2016 vs. January 2nd 2018

January 2nd 2016 vs. January 2nd 2018

We lost 21 feet of water over the last 2 years - flood in January 2016 to drought in January 2018.

Rowing today, one has to be afraid of scratching the bottom. Two years ago, we could row between the ramp and the dock.

Today, this would be rowing in 21 feet of air

Today, this would be rowing in 21 feet of air

What is missing are two tropical depressions in the falls of 2016 and 2017. Unless the first quarter of 2018 turns out to be the wettest on record, we are in for big problems next summer.

You green lawn aficionados in Cary better get used to xeriscaping.