CAR = CHaOS Adaptive Rowing

Mission Statement

Provide fun and positive rowing experiences for adaptive athletes located in Chatham, Durham, and Wake Counties of North Carolina.

History of CHaOS Adaptive Rowing (CAR) Program

CHaOS Adaptive Rowing (CAR) Program was organized in 2018 when CHAOS Rowing began a new partnership with USRowing and the VA sponsored Freedom Rows program. As a Freedom Rows program, CAR supports disabled US Military Veterans as they row on land using rowing machines (ergometers) and/or on the water.

CAR, together with coaches and rowers from other local clubs, offers rowing opportunities to adult adaptive athletes (both veteran and non-veteran) at Lake Crabtree located in Morrisville, NC


CAR would like to thank Deb Arenberg, with USRowing, for her support of the Freedom Rows program and tremendous assistance to the CHaOS Adaptive Rowing program. We appreciate the vast information that USRowing has made available via its webpage, the USRowing Guide to Adaptive Rowing (updated: February 2015), and the USRowing Candidate’s Manual Foundation Level Coach Level 2 (version 19-1). Concepts and excerpts from those documents are utilized to help train our athletes, volunteers, and coaches. (See for additional information)

As a Freedom Rows club, CHaOS Adaptive Rowing partners with the Durham Veterans Administration. CAR is excited to welcome VA team members (a.k.a. “Carolina Comrades”) and we appreciate the assistance/coordination provided by Recreation Therapists Tiffany Smith and Demetris McLeod. We also acknowledge CrossFit Durham Trainer Erin Krellwitz for doing a fantastic job training the VA athletes.

CAR is grateful to Wake County and the Lake Crabtree Park staff for allowing CHaOS Adaptive Rowing to row at Lake Crabtree. Park Manager, Drew Cade has been instrumental to our success. (See for additional information)

We would also like to thank Charles Bonnici and Alice Henderson of Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC) for their guidance, instruction and patience which have contributed immensely to the development of the CHaOS Adaptive Rowing Program.