Why the name CHAOS Rowing?

The origin is Tim B’s statement prior to the 2014 HOOCH that even the best plans end in chaos.*

We have a plan. It ends in CHAOS.

There of course were multiple efforts to turn CHAOS into an acronym.

The CH can stand for many things (Chapel Hill, Chatham County, Confederatio Helveticae). Pick whatever suits you here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CH.

What is important to us:

  • Amateur: for the love of the sport
  • Oar: sweep and sculling
  • Society: in the Victorian sense of the word: “a group of like-minded collaborating to advance their cause”.

The latest incarnation is: Clearly Happier Amateur Oar Society

At the 2017 Diamond States Regatta, Carla from Washington Rowing School came up with another version "Clearly Hairy and Old Scullers" - fits the male old members mostly going bold - but has received opposition from our youngster sweep rowers and the entire women group. Don't think it will survive.


*)Tim was right: All Saturday races of the 2014 Hooch were cancelled. 3 months of training, finally matching prior year's second fastest time: all in vain. But we had a great time anyway.