Another important weekend: Juniors smiling, Masters smiling, Guests smiling

The Juniors had 3 outings - Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Half of them learned "run" on the erg, half of them took a wobbly spin in the 4+ with the telling name "Hades". The erg challenge: teams of 3 rowers get 20 strokes each. Which team can add up most meters in 60 strokes. Let's just say this: the 900 meters limit was broken.

The CHAOS Juniors take the Hades for a spin

The Masters had their first race under the CHAOS colors. One win (M2X) and one second place (W2x). in the W2x we were beaten by a boat stroked by our member Allison. We lost to ourselves - or: we had a 50% share in the win. But: we congratulate Raleigh Rowing Center for winning the W2x

The first CHAOS gold medal:

The first CHAOS Gold Medal: Masters M2x

We also had a unique opportunity to put the new team unisuits to the test: it was cold, rainy, and windy. The proud test team:

The new unisuits presented by the W2x and the M2x

The third big event of the weekend were the 3 guest rowers who came for a row. 2 of them braved the 4-, one joined an all women 4x. They seem to have enjoyed themselves.

With the Juniors, their parents, the 3 guests, and the CHAOS members showing up in big numbers (better than 50% attendance), we had a busy launch and erg area.

Looked like a real club. Not bad or a club that was founded only 3 months ago.

What comes next:

  • The Juniors program will be put on a solid foundation. Jim W. will contact the parents.
  • The "new member" procedure will be announced (see the members page)
  • The uniforms and the rowers in them will be put to the test:
    • Tara in her alumni 8 at the Head of the Charles
    • Tim and Felix in the Men's Masters 2x at the Head of the Charles
    • Tara and Carol as the DC races
    • Olivia at the Head of the Hooch
  • The Tail of the Turkey challenge race the Saturday after Thanksgiving - the one and only straight 5k race in the US - we hope to line up 20 crews side by side and then race for 5 K.