Never give in to the flood

Allowing a flood to prevent you from rowing is like letting the fear of terrorism dictate your travel plans.

When the roads are flooded, you have to hike through the woods.

After the hike , no checking in at the office ...

Office only accessible by SUP today

Getting the boat off the rack and finagle it through the palisade of boats was easier than expected.

Size matters: Filippi F39 vs. red neck pontoon:

Same length, same price, different style

The dock is useless, but the walk is not that long:

Rowing or sailing, that is the question

Rack well hidden

you cannot normally row here - between ramp and dock

The rest of the outing was a row in paradise - whole lake to myself, the seagulls and the occasional log ..

The clearance under the bridge is slightly reduced: normally 27 feet, today 13 feet. Still plenty room.

Chain of command: while Tim represents CHAOS on Hawaii he requests us to wear PFDs... and we oblige