How "Ours" did

Two of our members raced for other clubs last weekend. Both did well and won races. CONGRATULATIONS!

Here are the detailed Capitol Sprints results

Occoquan Master sprints results are not yet available. Let's hope they will be posted here any time soon.

Here is the account of one of our members rowing with Raleigh Rowing Center (RRC):


  • Singles race, I rowed an old Mens Hwt boat and was second in the first heat.

  • Double, C. and I raced R. (CMCC) and ended up 2nd  to Alexandria. 

Both races started and finished at about a 37 and settled at 35


  • Singles race I took Fluidesign and was a minute faster than the day before but ended up 4th.   I was pretty tired.  I rowed in the open so there was no handicap to deal with.

  • Doubles Open – We (=RRC) won, same rate

  • Mixed Quad Open – We (=RRC) won, took off the line at 42 and held a 40 for 12ish strokes, settled at a 35 finished last 250 at a 38/39 but shortened up to hit that


Hope you had a good weekend of rowing.