Invitation to all North Carolina Rowers and Clubs to row the Stampfli Express 24x with us

Dear Friends in Rowing,

Some of you may have heard by word of mouth about our new rowing club rowing out of Jordan Lake in Chatham County.  CHAOS Rowing was established July 4th, 2015 although we had been rowing on Jordan Lake for over two years.  We are a small rowing club but growing rapidly as rowers find out about our club and the great rowing on Jordan Lake.

To celebrate our “launch”, we are bringing the world’s longest rowing shell to North Carolina (see picture). It is made in Switzerland, known as the Stampfli-Express and seats 24 rowers/scullers (plus a cox) and it makes its US debut on Jordan Lake between September 14th through September 24th, 2015.

You’re invited to come and join us for a row in this one of a kind rowing shell and experience the Stampfli-Express for yourself! All members of your club are also welcome.

To learn more about the Stampfli-Express (video& pictures) and to RSVP, click on the link

stampfli express 24x

Please also join us in our first CHAOS Challenge where the Stampfli-Express will race against other boats. Your club can be one of the challengers. 
Please sign up here:
We are looking forward to rowing with you or racing against you!

With best regards,

Richard McDonough & Felix Muhlebach

CHAOS Rowing