The most important weekend in our club's short history

The past weekend has been an important weekend for CHAOS Rowing (and hopefully rowing in the triangle area)

  • The first ever outing of the Stampfli Express on the American continent: University of North Carolina’s Men’s Crew
  • The first “race” organized by CHAOS Rowing on Jordan Lake with rowers from

UNC Men’s Crew
Triangle Rowing Club
Raleigh Rowing Center
Carolina Masters Crew Club
CHAOS Rowing
Guest star: Stampfli Express

  • The beginning of Junior Rowing (kids between 14 and 16) on Jordan Lake – with the highlight of the weekend an outing in the Stampfli Express with 2 Olympians, 2 World Champions, and National Team rowers from Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa

There were too many people involved to name and thank each of you individually. I would be afraid of missing an official from the Coast Guard, an owner or an employees of Crosswinds Boating Center, a coach or rower of the involved clubs, a CHAOS member or their spouses, a Junior or their parents.

Please accept this post as our personal gratitude and the “thank you” from CHAOS Rowing.

Here some of the Media Echo:

Pictures and Videos

Last but not least we would like to thank all sponsors who made the tour of the Stampfli Express to the East Cost possible:

  • swissnex Boston
  • Presence Switzerland
  • Croker Oars
  • Stampfli Racing Boats AG
  •, Inc

With best regards

William / Tim / Felix