High Water Mark: never reaching the racks!

Yesterday, on the last day of 2015, seven of us went to move the boats to higher grounds.

The lake level was predicted to raise up to more than 232 feet which - according to common believe -would have meant that the boats in the lowest racks would have been in or close to the water.

Thank you Olivia, Tara, Carol, Reid, Richard, William, and Felix for wading through the water, hiking through the woods and working in the pouring rain to bring the boats to safety

The rain continued.

During New Year's Eve, the water level rose to 232.97.

Luckily that was its peak:

Of course Richard and Felix were curios what that means for our rack and boats: The pictures give the answer. All boats and all our equipment is safe. The marina owners and sailors were less fortunate.


  • the base of our rack must be about 234 feet
  • we were lucky
  • others weren't as lucky
  • any boathouse we build must be floating and be able to handle lake level fluctuations of 20 feet or even more