Inspiration for 2016

Richard A. Kendall from Canada was our guest today. We wanted to impress him with our venue, so we - literally - had to jump the fence to get to the boats.

Richard is almost 86. It was a real inspiration to row with him.

We did 13K on flat water in a 4x. Olivia stroked, Richard K followed her, Felix in 2 and Richard D. steered us clear of the debris (there was much less than expected).

At 20 strokes per minutes in a set boat we made the Staempfli sing. Thank you Olivia for a perfect rhythm.

It was a great start into 2016. The ambition is to have many more rows like this over the next 12 months. And many more inspiring guest such as Richard.


PS: Unfortunately, NK SpeedCoach once more gave up on us - here half o the outing it captured - we assume they are the second 2 pieces

Age average 60 - range 40 to 86 - 1:40 split at 28 strokes per minute. Great start into 2016