Race Report Head of the Charles: How much can a surgeon do in 24 hours?

Tim sent the following dispatch from Boston:

"So last night got to Boston on time, and finally got to hotel just before midnight. Took my recredentialing exam from 8- 12 this morning at a Pearson testing site. Kind of surprising there were about 25 women and only 2 men taking some sort of test. Don't men get licensed to do stuff anymore?

So then I UBER to the MIT boathouse , and meet the boatman,  and pick a shiny red Peinert... And so I try measure everything , and try to adjust everything - but pins are kind of taped to a spread of 158, and so I decide to give a college try- and the starboard oar is digging, and the gate pops open, oar pops out, and I flip. First time ever.

The water is cold here too- but fortunately there is a boat nearby , and I meet a couple lovely ladies who are helping me out- but while I'm passing an oar to one of them , the other guns the engine and nearly runs me over.... So I do use their launch to get back in the boat, and go back to the boathouse, and redo the rigging pitch, taking about an hour and half - and it's a pain... I'm ready to call it quits and scratch (Still doesn't feel right ) but I did row the course, pick up my registration packet and in rowed back the boathouse , despite the wind picking up.

It's been a mess, but I figure I've paid my price, and will give it a go.  At least I can say I learned to rig and pitch a boat now - even if it's not great."

We are glad he rowed. Finished in the middle of the pack.

Put the boat back to MIT and was at his son's school Parent Day just in time for the meeting with the math teacher.

We have learned to never complain about what we call a busy weekend.