"If it were good rowing, somebody would row there"

When a small group of us wanted to expand rowing to Jordan Lake, the most compelling (European cynicism) argument against it was the statement: "if it were good rowing on Jordan Lake, somebody would row there".

We would like to put the argument to rest with the following boat count from yesterday morning, 8.45:

  • UNC Men's Crew
    • 2 8+
    • 2 4+
    • 4 2-
    • 2 launches
    • total of 8 boats and 2 coaches
  • Jordan Lake Rowing Club (a.k.a. our junior program)
    • 1 8+
  • CHAOS Rowing
    • 1 4x
    • 1 2x (our brand new lightweight double on its maiden voyage- details to follow)
    • 2 1x
    • Total of 4 boats and an absent coach helping his son move

13 boats on the water at the same time. Many somebodies row on Jordan Lake. And looking at the rower's faces: everybody had a good time.

Hope to see YOU soon - our Fall Regatta (a.k.a. CHAOS Challenge will take place Saturday, September 24th, 2016.