Easter: Spring training just started

We had 3 outings over the long weekend - whatever it is called in a politically correct world.

It started with a good Friday row in a mixed 4x, showing that we still need to get used to high rates after a winter of slow rate steady state:

High rates for spring

Saturday we had 2 quads pacing each other. The one trying high rates with 3 women and a guy, the one going for power at low rates with 4 guys.

Look at results yourselves:

The Australia stroked by an Aussie

The red and white Hedi stroked by a Swiss

The red and white Hedi stroked by a Swiss

After 2 days of heavy winds, Sunday finally brought good water - thanks to intermittent heavy showers.

A quad chasing Tim in his single.

We had a guest who had not been rowing for 10 years, not sculling for 15 years. Results of the quad confirm that he did plenty sculling as a teenager.

Goals for the next few weeks are obvious:

  • bring up the rates without losing run
  • work on fitness (especially those who skipped the Winter challenge on the erg)

See you on the water soon!