North Carolina Spring: welcome and unwelcome guests

We had 3 guests this weekend. Sheri has been a corresponding member since last summer and finally came to North Carolina to row with us. Welcome - good to finally meet the person who helped us erg up the river Nile.

Rob and Mike are former competitive rowers who want to get back into the sport. They have not lost much of the technique, but the 4 times 3 K at pressure proved demanding. Chart shows they did OK and being 6 feet 5 inches does not hurt either.

All the more impressive because it was windy and rainy.

North Carolina spring was an unwelcome guest today. The winds were supposed to be calm. When we came to the lake, we had a steady 15 MPH wind with gusts at 21 MPH

On the positive side, William and Dan built us a board walk instead of going out in their singles. That will solve the mud problem once and forever. THANK YOU!

A 4x went out anyway for one big loop - but the 9200 meters were work, not fun.

Admittedly - not anywhere as bad as what happened to the Cambridge women in the Boat Race - we now know what the Brits call a "white horse" and never want o encounter one:

Brave women and the best promotion of women's rowing.

See you on the water next week!