Silence does not mean lazyness

It has been 2 months since the last post. Does not mean that we were Lazy or focused on cross-training.

It just means that boating many boats, have competitive outings, and pushing ourselves to the limit has become the norm.

A year ago, the following bout count would have been a record, now it seems to be the normal:

" 6/4

Was humid,  but still and too early for boat traffic:
Todays Outing:, 7 boats in all


  • Rick D.
  • Dan
  • William
  • RIchard


  • Carol/Tara
  • Mike M / Ben


  • Tim, Jason, Jd, Rob

Especially Mike M & Ben I think enjoyed their row. Well suited for the Buffalo"

Altogether, CHaOS members rowed about 2'850 KM during regular practices in May, June and July.

Here some of the results: