You know that you are in a men run club ... when the first anniversary almost gets forgotten

CHaOS came to life on July 4th 2015.

So what do you do to celebrate the first anniversary? You go out and row - have fun - and forget the ceremonial words.

Here the fun:

On an early 4th of July 8 of us had some fun

On an early 4th of July 8 of us had some fun

The ceremonial words came after the fact and were - as William would say - examples of the dry and negative Swiss approach to running a business:

"Anniversary: Good news and bad news

The good news:

  • We made it through the first year – with a lot of fun and many, many good rows
  • We have a steady influx of new rowers: interesting guest, committed prospects, and pleasant/supportive new members
  • The fleet of boats has grown, too. We now have a boat in every class we need.
  • Close to ten thousand kilometers of rowing without an accident and without serious damage to a boat!
  • We survived the “Junior” challenge without cracks in our club’s cohesion. No infighting. Still on track to remain a “no politics” club
  • We are financially sound – at least as it seems now. We will have a clear picture when we see how many renewing members we have. Right now we assume that we will be break even if the charter members help cover some of the boat insurance. We will discuss when we have the numbers.
  • And, on our anniversary row (see chart attached), we set a new record: 13.1 meters of run per stroke at 2:16 average splits (the pressure pieces): not bad at all

Thank you very much!

The bad news:

  • It is time for the full membership meeting
    • Who hosts? Any volunteers? There is a persistent rumor that if you provide the venue, Dan and Carol will come to your house as master chefs and prepare a gourmet dinner for the whole crowd
    • As you may see in the minutes from the inaugural meeting ( ) we will have to discuss some open points
    • All important club documents are here:
    • We will also have to have elections. If you want to be either President or Secretary/Treasurer please make it known (and clear your calendar for a few hours a week)
  • It is time to renew your membership. You chose the membership level you want to be at. The fees are
    • Full members: $365 membership plus $75 equipment maintenance fund contribution= $440
    • Contributing members (those letting the club use their equipment): $182.50 membership + $75 equipment = $257.50
    • Student and Affiliate: $100 membership + $75 equipment = $175
    • Charter: $75 Equipment + (it seems) your share of the insurance of the boats you (partially) own and let the club use (separate invoice forthcoming)

Thank you very much for everything!!!!!!

See you on the lake!


Felix and Richard"