CHaOS Challenge: in its second year and a BIG SUCCESS

Here the letter from William - organizer and Grand Master of the CHaOS Challenge:


Attached you will find the results of this year’s Challenge.  Congratulations to all!  The course was roughly 3,600 meters and a good start for the head regatta season.  Small regatta’s such as ours, owe thanks to the many folk who make it happen and my sincere thanks to:

  • US Coast Guard Auxiliary for their help on the water keeping the fishermen out of the course;
  • UNC Men for their buoys and their launch and helping spread the message,
  • For Harrison and his team from the University of S. Carolina for making the drive – Thank you girls!
  • Jordan Lake Rowing Club for the great breakfast table, water, and use of their launches
  • Crosswinds Boating Center for the use of the facilities, and buoys;
  • Urs Graf, who on vacation, helped with the course,
  • Claire Coffee for helping me on the water lining up the boats, keeping us on track, and help in general,
  • Reid Wilson for using his “outside voice” making announcements and keeping us informed of the race
  • Sheri, fresh from the World Championships for boat checks and gathering of race numbers after each race,
  • The rowers and coxswain’s,

And especially all the families who came to support their teams this morning!

If I did not name you individually, I apologize and thank you for your contribution!

I did not use Ernst and Young to verify the results.  Perhaps if I had, I would not have made an error on one event where I failed to deduct the handicap. (The 2x of McDonogh and Bukowski were the winners – Sorry Yuri and Micah).

Fastest raw time of the day goes to the UNC Varsity 8 of 11:39

Fastest adjusted time goes to CHaOS MM4x 11:11

Longest drive to the regatta: University of S. Carolina (Thank you for coming)

Oldest competitor:  Avram Gold (76) who looked great coming through the finish.

Youngest coxswain today was 11 and our youngest rower was 12.

Once again, my sincere thanks



Link to results