Head of the Hooch 2017: success (except for cars and iPhone)

Records broken this weekend:

  • Dock master William started launching boats with a 90 minutes’ fog delay and caught up to normal race schedule by 3 PM (23 years of experience paying off). Thank you again for the preferred boat storage location
  • Tracy totaled 1 car, delivered babies till 4 AM, got rear ended in the other car, dropped her iPhone in the river (and her credit card with it) and still managed to stroke a perfect race in the mixed quad
  • Richard broke his own all-the-cookies-you-can-eat record between posting the fastest time in the Masters 4x and the 55+ 1x
  • Tim raced 3 races within 24 hours, placed 3rd, 7th, and 9th, and then drove the trailer home for the next 9 hours
  • Celia competed for 2 clubs in 18 hours, got one steering penalty and won gold
  • Avram finished in the top ten despite of only rowing with one leg (after losing important parts of his foot stretcher). Speaking of one-legged: Felix (together with Tim) posted 1:40 splits for the first 500 meters with a completely cramped up right hamstring
  • Richard S and Rob posted personal bests in the category of engine-room to boat-speed conversion thereby easily beating their results from last year!

All boats starting for CHaOS and with CHaOS members finished in the Top 10 of their respective event:

  • Celia: 1st in the Women 55+ (still not sure whether that result counts for Atomic or CHaOS)
  • Tim, Rob, Felix, Richard: 3d in the Masters 4x (best raw time of the event)
  • Tim & Felix: 7th in the Masters 2x (3rd fastest raw time in the 50+ category)
  • Richard: 6th in the 55-64 1x (fastest raw time)
  • Celia, Richard, Rob, Tracy: 8th in the Mixed 4x
  • Tim: 9th in the 55-64 1x (3rd fastest raw time)

Social notes:

  • Felix had a flat tire and no Fat Tire – even though the 4 months racing season is finally over and Tim now allows him drinking beer again
  • Friday night carb-stuffing-dinner at the AirBnB saw no leftovers and taught Richard that finding a grocery store in downtown Chattanooga is as difficult as finding an iceberg in the Caribbean
  • Dinner at St. John’s Restaurant was good but chaotic – at no fault of CHaOS. Thank you Tim, Rob, Richard, Richard, and Felix for the invitation, thank you Alex, Avram, Celia, Debra, and William for joining us.
  • Saw a trailer full of Tesla Model 3s – they do exist – despite of what the Wall Street Journal writes.

See you next year!