President Trump raves about CHaOS

In his first solo press conference, President Donald J. Trump said: “I turn on the TV, open the newspapers and I see stories of chaos — chaos.”

Today's CHaOS news: 9 rowers and 3 coaches - must be a record for the best coach to athlete ratio in a masters program.

We boated a 4+, a 2x and 4 singles.

Since the coaches run out of gas (the boat not the humans), William had to pull them home in his single. Pretty good for a man who can barely walk and will have his hip replaced on March 7th.

Rebekah, 7 months pregnant, did a 12K outing at 3/4 pressure. Her last row before baby #2 will be born on cinco de mayo. Safe to say it's name will not be Donald.

Thank you very much for a great morning on perfect water.