Spring rowing - big crowd and a great start for the 8+ season

The warm spring weather brought out a big crowd - some rowers whom we have not seen in a while. To some, we had to send directions to the lake ... just kidding.

Youngest rower was 12 and 1/2 (important at that age), oldest was 70+ (no longer important at that age). All sizes and skill levels in both genders.

CHaOS spring rowing just started: 60 years from youngest to oldest, almost 3 feet in difference from shortest to longest (body size, not stroke) - beginner to former national team member - rowers from the US, Australia, (almost) Germany, Britain, Scotland, Switzerland (Canada overslept) - and Jordan Lake showed its best side

The diversity was then put into an 8+. Thanks to coaching from Claire and Zach and coxing from Kylie the boat came together surprisingly well and had a few moments of glory. Still lots to work on between now and the Hooch.

Even the toughest journey starts with the first step!

For comparison, this was today - let's see where we will be in 3 months:

Thank you for coming out!