CHaOS Agenda for 2018


First half of February: CHaOS social gathering – who wants to organize?

February 24 – 124C Erg Sprints at High Point Rowing Club. John to defend his title. Let’s hope CHaOS representatives look better than these World and Olympic champions:


Second half of March: CHaOS strategy meeting – who wants to organize? Define where we want to go as a club (growth?, age distribution of club members, learn to row, gender balance, relationship to juniors)  and decide what policies we need to establish (draft sexual harassment training video here )

March Scrimmage against Catawba rowing club in Charlotte – Tim to organize

=> Potential Alternative: March 31 Clemson Masters Sprints


Spring feelings (or do you have suggestions)


May 21-24 Valor games: last year CHaOS volunteers were instrumental for the indoor rowing competition to materialize. Please volunteer again!


Date to be determined: Virginia Boat Club Sprints Regatta


CHaOS Board Elections – please consider running – so that we can have one of these:

July 21-22: 28th Diamond States Masters Regatta


August 5th Royal Canadian Henley Masters – Tim will be our tourist guide – having finished 2nd in the other Henley and being from the area


September 27 – 30: FISA World Masters Regatta in Sarasota Florida

September 29: High Point Autumn Rowing Festival


CHaOS Challenge – date to be confirmed

October 20-21: Head of the Charles


November 3-4: Head of the Hooch

CHaOS Annual meeting – who hosts?