Head of the Hooch Results: Reason to be proud!

ALL our boats finished in the top 6 of their event and age group!!!

We couldn’t be happier and more proud of our rowers.

Rank Event Raw time Corrected time (Sunday events 2K)
1st Women’s 1x Celia 8,40.3 7.39.0

2nd Men’s Masters 4x 15.48.7 14.18.7 (2nd overall, 2nd 50+)

4th Men’s 1x Richard 7.49.7 7.01.7

5th Men’s Masters 2x 17.22.5 15.45.3 (5th overall, 5th 50+)

5th Men’s Masters Lightweight Avram (for Carolina) 9.27.4 7.22.4 (pretty brave man to go out in these conditions)

6th Men’s Master 8+ 17.24.1 16.05.7 (10th overall, 6th 50+)

6th Mixed masters 4x 17.12.3 15.59.4 (9th overall, 6th 50+)

6th Men’s 1x Tim 7.50.2 7.05.2

6th Women’s Master 4x 7.50.1 7.41.1 (6th under 50, 15th overall)

Pictures and detailed report to follow!

Raw times will define training pairings for this winter … just kidding.