Christmas row at Jordan Lake - from drought to flood 3 times a year

Last year’s Christmas post was asking “where did all the water go” - all lakes were empty - UNC Rowing and Duke Rowing joined us on Jordan Lake because we were the only ones who hat at least some water left.

Since then, Jordan was flooded 3 times - Florence, Michael, and now again for Christmas. Means in the 5 years we row on Jordan, we had one flood in the first 4 years and then 3 floods during the last year - and the next flood is already in the 10 day forecast. Jordan has been over “normal” pool since August 12th.

The positive on all this: All public ramps are closed and we have the ENTIRE lake to ourselves. All it needs to take advantage of this unique circumstances is a hike through the woods and a pair of neoprene socks to make sure toes warm up quickly after the wet launch.

We are working on writing our names in the lake (obviously still need some practice):

christmas row.jpg
christmas water level.png

It seems we will have the lake to ourselves for much longer. Even though the levels are coming down, there are another 2 inches of rain in the forecast further up North - which will lift the lake level by another foot or two.

We wish everybody a Happy New Year with normal rain patterns.