Please contribute adaptive rowing equipment to the Valor Games

Dear Fellow Rowers

Indoor rowing is one of the most popular events among Veterans and members of the Armed Forces with disabilities  competing at the Valor Games Southeast organized by Bridge2Sports.

It is extremely inspiring to see athletes of all ages with various physical and mental disabilities mastering the challenge of a 500 erg race, first alone, then in a group of 2. Info about the Valor Games.

To help grow the indoor rowing event and to reduce cost, Bridge2Sports, organizer of the Valor Games, wants to purchase the adaptive rowing equipment rather than renting it every year at a rather high cost. They have asked CHaOS Rowing to raise the respective funds from the rowing community.

$ 5’000 is all it takes to purchase the necessary hooks, straps, fixed seats etc. to convert the regular Concept 2 ergs into an adaptive rowing machines.

Will you help us raise the $ 5’000?

Contributions are fully tax deductible!

No contribution is too small to make the Veterans happy.

Added benefit for you and your club: Bridge2Sport will make the adaptive equipment available to ANY rowing club in the area who wants to offer adaptive rowing at their indoor events. Please contact Ashley Thomas if you need the converters for your indoor event.

How to contribute:

Please make your contribution directly to Bridge2Sports by clicking this link

In the field “Company” please enter “CHaOS Challenge” to make sure that your contribution goes towards the purchase of the adaptive rowing equipment.

Valor games.PNG

Please pass this message on to your members and rowing friends.

We will keep you informed how the fundraising progresses – so far we have raised slightly over $1’000.

Thank you very much for helping us make indoor rowing one of the anchor events in all forthcoming Valor Games!

CHaOS Rowing
Felix Muhlebach, President
Richard McDonogh, Treasurer
Timothy Bukowski, BMIW (you will figure out what it means)