CHaOS? Queep?

Turns out this is a “Queep”

Turns out this is a “Queep”

Over the years we had 2 reactions to the name CHaOS for our rowing club: Those who see the humor in it and those who think it is the club program. It seems that the good, experienced rowers see the humor, appreciate our intention and embrace the CHaOS.

However, when we received the the below invitation, we first did not know in which of the two categories associating CHaOS with the the term “queep” falls.

Turns out it has nothing to do with the farting meanings in the urban dictionary but rather refers to our logo having sweep rowers and scullers in the same 4 person boat .

Thank you Kate for teaching us something new about ourselves!!!

And yes, we have winter training on the erg such as the January Club Challenge but prefer to row on water.

Hullo CHaOS!

I know I’ve seen you at SE Regionals! When I realized your logo was a queep, it tickled my random-rowing-knowledge fancy!

In a few weeks, we will be hosting Belmont Rowing Center's first annual Hammerfest indoor race! Last year's inaugural event was a great success, so we're only going up from there! This year, Hammerfest is on 2/23 and we'd love to have you attend! You can find out more information about the event in a few different ways:


Belmont Rowing Center's Website:


I didn't see any information about any winter indoor training (I’m guessing your Saturday/Sunday morning rows are on the water…?), but we currently have a couple unaffiliated registered competitors from the Triangle. So I'm reaching out in case any of you would like to set some times down. We have 500s, 1k, and 2k events in addition to coxswain and learn to erg events (we try to be inclusive of everyone as well).

We have a few youth (and hopefully some returning collegiate again) teams that will be attending, however last year we had a retinue of masters all the way up into their 70s racing.

If you have any questions about the event, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

- Kate

Please try to attend!