New Year and 3 times Three Kings: Real rowers re-claim flooded Jordan Lake

Having to choose between the erg (January club challenge) and wet feet to row on a perfectly flat Jordan Lake, our members’ choice is ROWING.

New Year’s row 1x and 4x was followed by Champagne and Swiss chocolate (after exercise snack of champions).

The Three Kings day row was attended by 9 members, 1x and two 4x working at the Dick Tonks/ Ian Wright drill (80% of guaranteed winning time at stroke rate 20 for miles, and miles, and miles (12K in total).

Thank you Jason for getting the UNC dock in place so that the other 8 kings could dry-launch! Glad that Felix’s toes were just squeezed and not chopped off - must be hes lucky year.

Spotted the first bass fishing boat of the year - I guess we lost our exclusive on the lake. I was wonderful while it lasted!