Finally made it to Kindergarten

Five years ago, 7 (actually: 8 since Reid delegated his voting rights to Carol) optimistic rowers started CHaOS Rowing (also known as the Chatham Amateur Oars Society)..

Finally reaching Kindergarten age, CHaOS going stronger than ever.

Over the last 12 months we have

  • Continued our outstanding safety record

  • Miraculously received a brand new trailer and a Lee county redneck a new hey trailer

  • Completed the boat park with a safety launch, an ultra heavy weight 4x (Freight Train), and ultra heavy weight 2x (Griffinfly), and a Resolute heavy weight 8+ that still waits to be rowed more often.

  • Improved the facilities with a new oar rack and a comfortable layer of gravel (and continuously replacing the hardware stolen from our dock)

  • Raced successfully on the regional, national, and international level (and missed our first race start - without a bad word being spoken afterwards)

  • Consolidated (and in one case: improved) the relations with the other North Carolinian clubs

  • Established CHaOS Adaptive Rowing and successfully put the first rowers on the water. At current growth rates, CAR will soon be bigger than CHaOS

A big “Thank You” to all members! It was a real team effort. Could not have achieved all of this without you!

A further positive sign is that our club is rejuvenating with a new generation stepping up. The board has 2 members who joined CHaOS over the last 3 years. At the Richmond race, none of the Charter Members participated and a young and enthusiastic group of racers competed very successfully (and had a lot of fun - including a large amount of beer).

The goals for the next 12 months can be summarized as “consolidation”:

  • put the club on a sound financial footing by increasing dues and converting to a section 501 c 3. Richard S. will soon send you instructions on how to renew your membership and pay your dues – and your private boat insurance.

  • sustain our equipment by building a rigger rack, improving the way we rack boats and oars, updating Hedi, and dispose of surplus boats

  • lay the foundation for further successful racing by fighting the “CHaOS fade”

We came this far because of you! Thank you very much for making CHaOS your club and never stopping to contribute toward its success!

Hope to see you on the water soon!

Brad, Felix, Richard S, Tim