Rules and Regulations:

This video summarizes what we are seeking in our members (and the program and boathouse we are dreaming of):

We expect our members to have common sense and act accordingly

Members must

  • love rowing
  • exhibit common sense
  • respect others
  • support the club in all its activities
  • act as a team

CHAOS Rowing and its members have to follow all rules established by

  • the laws regulating the use of Jordan Lake
  • our landlord: Crosswinds Boating Center LLC

Rowing on Jordan Lake can be dangerous (your physical and mental condition, weather conditions, boat traffic etc.)

  • If members row, they row at their own risk
  • Members release CHAOS Rowing and Crosswinds Boating Center of all liability

If members - whether rowing alone or in a team boat - violate laws, rules, or regulations they are solely responsible for their actions

If you use a boat that is not your own:

  • Only use a boat if you have explicit permission by the club or the owner
  • Take extra care
  • Follow the instructions of the owner
  • Be prepared to pay for all damages that happen while you use the boat (the boats are insured, but the deductible is $1,000)

Please act responsibly and in the spirit of a real team – we don’t want to make this list of rules any longer.