CHAOS Rowing: Home of Rowing on Jordan Lake


We invite everybody who is hooked on rowing to come row with us – sweep rower, sculler, man, woman, from around the corner, from around the world.
On all skill levels, we strive to row better, row faster, and have fun doing it.

We row on North Carolina's Jordan Lake out of Crosswinds Boating Center. We have members who rowed and raced on the world's famous race courses and claim that our course can match them. Come and experience it for yourself.



We are a new club, so ensuring that we have the right members is a matter of survival. “Right members” contribute on and off the water; they aim to become better rowers and are ready to support others in their quest for the perfect stroke, irrespective of their starting point; will show initiative and contribute where is needed; and make CHAOS Rowing a better club for all members.

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