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Are you addicted to rowing? Do you feel an irresistible urge to get the boat flying over the water, resulting in blisters and sore muscles? Would you like to be part of a cool/diverse/accomplished group of people from all corners of the world, from interesting professions and many religions, from 5’4” to 6’10”, some with real strange accents who found a home from home in CHaOS?

If your answer is “yes”, then CHaOS is the right club for you.

We invite everybody to come row with us – sweep rower, sculler, man, woman, from around the corner, from around the world.
CHaOS has the most generous guest policy of any club we know. Means: you may row for free with us as many times as you like. Once you decide that we are the right club for you, you may join. We offer many membership tiers, one is for sure right for you and fits your budget.

As a club, we pride ourselves in:

  • On all skill levels, striving to row better, row faster, and have fun doing it

  • A high-end fleet of Stampfli, Filippi, and Hudson boats (and the token Empacher) paired with Croker oars (and a few of the other brands, too). We buy boats from our friends, who in turn go out of their way to build the boats we need: Stampfli quads with additional free board (Phil Gregory), a stern coxed 4+ (David Filippi), and Big Dude 4x and 2x with average crew weight of 250 pounds (Glen of Hudson Boatworks). Darren Croker provides our oars, also when we travel to regattas where we cannot take our own

  • Competitive ambitions on all levels - from our fun CHaOS Challenge to the FISA Masters World Championships - and all races we can get to in between

  • Building and maintaining the rowing infrastructure at Crosswinds Boating Center (=our generous landlord). We also served as midwives for the birth of Jordan Lake Rowing Club, who uses the same infrastructure

  • Giving back to the community through our support for the Valor Games SouthEast, adaptive rowing at Lake Crabtree, and spearheading the initiative (aka our dream) for an aquatic center at Bells Landing, providing a safe home for all non-motorized water sports.

We row on North Carolina's Jordan Lake out of Crosswinds Boating Center.



We are an adult, member ruled rowing program. Means: we provide our members with the infrastructure (access to a world class rowing lake and high quality oars and boats) to pursue their rowing aspirations.

Winter team practices are early morning Saturday and Sunday. In summer we add 2 evening practices.

However, our members organize practices outside of these times, either for recreational outings or race practices.

About 50 % of our members race regularly in regional, national and international events.

Membership is male and female. Since we evolved out of a men’s program, we have more men and are aspiring to engage more women.

Youngest member is 17, oldest members are 77. We have a large competitive group in the 55 to 65 age bracket. Again, we would like to expand in younger rower groups.

We have members from the US, Australia, California, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, New York, Scotland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey. We are keen to add more nations to this list.

We are a small club with 25 to 30 members. However, we have the highest attendance average of any club we know with almost 50% of members regularly participating in even the coldest winter practice. Normally, it takes a club with 60 to 80 members to achieve such an attendance.

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CHaOS year 2018 in pictures

2018 FISA World Masters Sarasota

2018 Head of the Charles

2018 Head of the Hooch