How to Become Part of CHaOS

We are a new club, so ensuring that we have the right members is a matter of survival. “Right members” contribute on and off the water; they aim to become better rowers and are ready to support others in their quest for the perfect stroke, irrespective of their starting point; will show initiative and contribute where is needed; and make CHaOS Rowing a better club for all members.

  • If you have some rowing experience and are interested in rowing with us, please watch this video and fill in the contact form
  • You will be contacted and invited to join our practices
  • Row with us as often as you can. You will see us on our good and bad days, in good and terrible weather, after great rows and after 90 minutes of misery.
  • If after 3 months (or so) you decide that CHaOS Rowing club is right for you, you may apply for membership.
  • At the next full membership meeting, your application will be discussed and voted on by the existing members.

Beginners / Learn to Row

CHaOS Rowing is excited that there finally is a professional rowing coach on Jordan Lake.

Claire Coffey is a US Rowing certified coach (levels 1 to 3) and now offers

·       “Learn to row” lessons (sweep and sculling)

·       “Improve your skill” lessons (sweep and scull)

·       A coached novice program

·       Race preparation

·       Training programs (includes college preparation)

Claire coaches all ages (juniors, college, masters), all skill levels, and genders and offers private lessons as well as group lessons.

The cool thing is that Claire has a flexible schedule: she can offer lessons when YOU have time to work on your skills or learn our great sport.

Details of Claire's coaching and rowing experience.

Those of you familiar with US and International rowing will know that the name Coffey stands for great rowing, fast boats, and peerless sculling training machines.

Please do not hesitate to contact her at to learn more about her services and arrange your first outing.

We hope to meet you on Jordan Lake soon!

Membership Tiers

Affiliate and Student Members

  • Yearly fee: $100
  • Must be experienced rower and member of another club or enrolled in a college/university
  • No voting rights


  • Yearly fee: $365 – one dollar for each day you can row on Jordan Lake
  • Voting rights


  • Yearly fee: $182.50 (= 50% of the membership fee)
  • Contribute private equipment for the club to use. CHaOS Rowing will insure the equipment at full value
  • Benefit from reduced boat insurance rates for other private boats
  • Might benefit from a free club rack if providing access to a boat CHaOS Rowing lacks
  • Decide who gets to row the equipment they own and what conditions apply
  • Voting rights



 Everybody welcome!

Everybody welcome!