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We are an adult, member ruled rowing program. Means: we provide our members with the infrastructure (access to a world class rowing lake and high quality oars and boats) to pursue their rowing aspirations.

Winter team practices are early morning Saturday and Sunday. In summer we add 2 evening practices.

However, our members organize practices outside of these times, either for recreational outings or race practices.

About 50 % of our members race regularly in regional, national and international events.

Membership is male and female. Since we evolved out of a men’s program, we have more men and are aspiring to engage more women.

Youngest member is 17, oldest members are 77. We have a large competitive group in the 55 to 65 age bracket. Again, we would like to expand in younger rower groups.

We have members from the US, Australia, California, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, New York, Scotland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey. We are keen to add more nations to this list.

We are a small club with 25 to 30 members. However, we have the highest attendance average of any club we know with almost 50% of members regularly participating in even the coldest winter practice. Normally, it takes a club with 60 to 80 members to achieve such an attendance.

The reason for this is that we are catering to experienced rowers who are addicted to rowing. Because we already have the great equipment, we do not have to inflate member numbers to generate cash flow.


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