First race of season: we have 1+2+4 NC Masters State Champions (and were only beaten by a crew from Georgia in the other races)

Despite the anger of the weather gods, we had a great start into the 2019 racing season at the North Carolina Masters State Championships in High Point. Complete results are here.

 Everybody went home with at least 2 medals around their neck.

 Many thanks to those who made it possible

  • Richard S for being organizer in chief + setting boats + getting the towing vehicle + keeping everybody on their toes + bankrolling everything (looking forward to the spreadsheet – since Tim did not race, it may have more than one tab).

  • Brian for driving the trailer – we hope you race a lot with us …

  • Tracy for providing shelter, food, and a new 4-legged club mascot

  • Kylie for coxing us and making sure we do not miss a start (the only warning we got was in the quad race ….)

  • Statler and Waldorf for keeping us entertained

  • Ken for providing the beer

  • Everybody for helping with de-rigging and loading (and the other way around)

 Proof again: CHaOS is a great club

 Things we learned (not sorted by importance):

  • Brian can eat a foot long sandwich and win a race 40 minutes later

  • One can become State Champion despite rowing off with the oarlocks backward

  • Holding on to one’s oar(s) when getting in and out of the boat is not taught at Harvard (and some other Northeastern schools)

  • Rick has an irresistible affinity to water: when helping others wet launch (resulting in an aching rear end) and when trying to row square blades

  • The European and US cultures clash over the term “I can’t”, one thinking it has to do with attitude, the other trying to say “we will be faster at 28spm”

  • Tow trucks can get stuck in the mud, too

  • A men’s 8 from Atlanta can be flabbergasted by a men’s 7+1woman (actually, 2 if you count Kylie) from CHaOS

  • A 30 meter detour made Brad’s day (and won a silver medal for the Freight Train – not bad for its first race …)

  • Oxford and Denmark are not happy with posting the fastest time (of the day) – they also wants to win on handicap (just grow up – sorry – old)

  • Duct tape and beer make a good combination – even with Rob overseas …

  • After a winter of training, CHaOS can execute a race plan and achieve a race profile with minimal fade the coach of the Australian M8+ calls “right on the money

Thank you for a great start into the 2019 racing season!