First race of season: we have 1+2+4 NC Masters State Champions (and were only beaten by a crew from Georgia in the other races)

Despite the anger of the weather gods, we had a great start into the 2019 racing season at the North Carolina Masters State Championships in High Point. Complete results are here.

 Everybody went home with at least 2 medals around their neck.

 Many thanks to those who made it possible

  • Richard S for being organizer in chief + setting boats + getting the towing vehicle + keeping everybody on their toes + bankrolling everything (looking forward to the spreadsheet – since Tim did not race, it may have more than one tab).

  • Brian for driving the trailer – we hope you race a lot with us …

  • Tracy for providing shelter, food, and a new 4-legged club mascot

  • Kylie for coxing us and making sure we do not miss a start (the only warning we got was in the quad race ….)

  • Statler and Waldorf for keeping us entertained

  • Ken for providing the beer

  • Everybody for helping with de-rigging and loading (and the other way around)

 Proof again: CHaOS is a great club

 Things we learned (not sorted by importance):

  • Brian can eat a foot long sandwich and win a race 40 minutes later

  • One can become State Champion despite rowing off with the oarlocks backward

  • Holding on to one’s oar(s) when getting in and out of the boat is not taught at Harvard (and some other Northeastern schools)

  • Rick has an irresistible affinity to water: when helping others wet launch (resulting in an aching rear end) and when trying to row square blades

  • The European and US cultures clash over the term “I can’t”, one thinking it has to do with attitude, the other trying to say “we will be faster at 28spm”

  • Tow trucks can get stuck in the mud, too

  • A men’s 8 from Atlanta can be flabbergasted by a men’s 7+1woman (actually, 2 if you count Kylie) from CHaOS

  • A 30 meter detour made Brad’s day (and won a silver medal for the Freight Train – not bad for its first race …)

  • Oxford and Denmark are not happy with posting the fastest time (of the day) – they also wants to win on handicap (just grow up – sorry – old)

  • Duct tape and beer make a good combination – even with Rob overseas …

  • After a winter of training, CHaOS can execute a race plan and achieve a race profile with minimal fade the coach of the Australian M8+ calls “right on the money

Thank you for a great start into the 2019 racing season!

CHaOS Analysis Tool

Disappointed by @nk_rowing and overwhelmed by @rowsandall we programmed our own analysis tool. Upload #speedcoach FIT file and analyze #strokerate, #heartrate and #splits in one chart and see on map where you rowed it.

Use the sliders to select the part of the outing you want to analyze – see average splits, strokerate, and heartrate all in one chart.

The #chaosanalysis is part of our #chaossignup (no, not #icrew). CHaOS tools for competitive small #rowingclubs who want the basics - the way they need it.

#rowing #canottaggio #rowingnews #rowingtools #trainlikeadane #rowlikeaswiss #drinklikeascott #rowlikeagirl #smallisbeautiful

Mastered the gravel challenge: 7.5 tons in 84 Minutes

7.5 tons of gravel

The last part of Jason’s oar rack project was to “get rid of the mud” - his sense of perfection was just hurt by the muddy feet on rainy days.

The solution: drainage ditch and a solid layer of gravel - also on Tim’s rigging spot.

It took 15 of our members 84 minutes to finish drainage and spread the 7.5 tons of gravel.

Then we had plenty time to socialize, eat cheese and chocolate and drink coffee. And we never felt cold.

Thank you everybody for showing up in such large numbers. Good to see you after such a long time, Amelia.

Jason achieved his goal! Congratulations!!!

Happy Jason

Happy Jason

We received this:


Hey Chaos! Thanks for all of the support and the virtual cheering...

I met my goal of getting my 2k below 7 min. Ken deserves the credit for putting a plan together that helped me to drop my time in the last 2 months. He's been an incredible coach!!!

My target pace was 1:42.5, actual was 1:42.1

All good, I followed the plan and made the goal: 6:48.3 (faster than he was in college)

Enjoy your weekend!



And saw this:

Only the Canadians beat our Jason G. Training Team

Second out of 54 small clubs, 70th out of all 140 clubs

When Jason asked us in December who would be interested in participating in the Concept2 January Virtual Team Challenge, we had now clue what his real motivation was.

Turns out he is the only one brave enough to compete in tomorrow’s Alexandria Erg Sprints. The other 4 just served as his virtual rabbits.

We are proud of him and wish him good luck in executing his race plan (brain-confidence-anger) and reaching his goal (matching the time he rowed when 18 years old).

The rest of us are just happy that we put CHaOS on the leader board, 2nd only to the famous Canadians from Victoria (it is all in the name).

After the Holiday Challenge (200k) and the January Challenge (another 200K) it is time to put the erg away and focus on long miles on the water (to eliminate the terrible erg catches and perfect the smooth water catches).

Good luck Jason!