(Rowing) Mecca seems to be in Boston: CHaOS at the Head of the Charles

"Ours" results for the Head of the Charles are in:

Rick was the first to take the water: Event number 6 in the 50+ eights. His "Orleans" boat came in 55th out of 57. Given that they got a 1 minute steering penalty, that is pretty good - and much, much better than 2 years ago when their boat came in DFL. This year, he lived up to our club motto "look good and do not come in last". The many early mornings in the 1x and on the erg really paid off.

In Event number 8 (Masters 4+) the  “under cover” boat of Ken, Andy, John starting under the club “Orleans” came in 42nd out of 43 boats finishing the course. True to the club motto, they did not come in last. The pictures prove that they also looked good. Quite an achievement for never having trained together on a course as tough and a race as competitive as the Charles.

In Event 11 Richard and Tim came in 16th out of 47 classified boats. Knowing them, they will complain about the result. However:

  • They are 1 of only 5 entries who managed to break into the phalanx of ephemeral top clubs. They are only 75 seconds behind the Narragansett guys who have been winning this event forever (course record in all age groups) with the stroke man who beat us by almost 30 seconds in the 1072 meters of the Diamond States sprints earlier this year.
  • They beat our benchmark (Duluth) by 74 seconds. 2 years ago, they beat CHaOS by that much. This is an indication that Tim must have steered an almost perfect course.

Our "guest" women Stacy came in 6th out of 20 in the Master Women 4+ in the 40+ age group with Carolina Masters - an amazing result!

Congratulations to all of you!