Christmas came early - for the Big Dudes!

NOT the big dude boat we had in mind …

NOT the big dude boat we had in mind …

We would like to thank #HudsonBoatworks @beAshark for being responsive to our needs and really innovative.

We needed a 4x and a 2x for a 245 pound average crew weight (yes, we have some really big dudes).

We contacted all North American boat manufacturers and distributors. Only Hudson was responsive and came up with an idea to match our need.

If all goes well, the new boats will be here mid January.

20181215 shark order.PNG

We learned a few things in the process:

  • Glen B. of Hudson is an absolute perfectionist

  • Glen B. is volunteering his time and effort to help out the entire boat building industry by challenging a patent that might have put many small boat builders out of business. Thank you very much!

  • No sales rep believes that there are rowers weighing more than 250 pounds (and with a big wallet)

  • Sadly, Jakob Kaschper no longer makes boats. His fast, high quality. long lasting boats will be missed.

So, if you have put on too many pounds since your college rowing glory, there are no more excuses for not rowing again. Thanks to Brad we have a boat for you!