Only the Canadians beat our Jason G. Training Team

Second out of 54 small clubs, 70th out of all 140 clubs

When Jason asked us in December who would be interested in participating in the Concept2 January Virtual Team Challenge, we had now clue what his real motivation was.

Turns out he is the only one brave enough to compete in tomorrow’s Alexandria Erg Sprints. The other 4 just served as his virtual rabbits.

We are proud of him and wish him good luck in executing his race plan (brain-confidence-anger) and reaching his goal (matching the time he rowed when 18 years old).

The rest of us are just happy that we put CHaOS on the leader board, 2nd only to the famous Canadians from Victoria (it is all in the name).

After the Holiday Challenge (200k) and the January Challenge (another 200K) it is time to put the erg away and focus on long miles on the water (to eliminate the terrible erg catches and perfect the smooth water catches).

Good luck Jason!